2001: Britney gets emotional talking about her future family.


@britneyspears: I accept the #ALSIceBucketChallenge @JamieLynnSpears & I nominate you @AdamSandler! #BreakTheIce #SoCold #OMG



This is beautiful.

kjdhfgkjsdfg i’m s o b b i n g. this is a 15+ year investment. I am so proud to be a Britney stan.


I finally got to take a photo of Britney Spears the other night at Ryan Korban’s book signing ( Luxury Redefined ) at Curve on Robertson Blvd. After one photo Britney’s  Israeli bodyguard kindly asked if I would refrain from photographing his client. Yes, that is Nicole Richie on the left!! 

Photo by Brad Elterman

It’s getting late to give you up
I took a sip from my devil’s cup
Slowly, It’s taking over me


Britney Spears 2003 photoshoots
My favorites.

I Am Britney Jean (2013) vs Will & Grace (2006)


This was one of the most beautiful shoots I think I’ve done. More to come!


A woman is like a beautiful flower, the true beauty inside. The Intimate Britney Spears